Wednesday, March 14, 2007

We're Back Online!

Do not confuse a lack of updates with a lack of productivity! These past few weeks, I've been managing a lot of business aspects of the company. Since I like to keep this blog about the creative side, I haven't posted a whole lot. But we're back!

The new web site is online: I'm still working on a few sections. The two biggest things missing right now are the forum and the ability to order DVDs. They'll both be back soon! I'm also going to redo our myspace page soon.

As for the movie, I've been revising the script again. And again. And again. I'm at the point now where I'm going through it thinking "Can I even film that? Where am I going to get this? How am I going to pull that off?" We're currently looking at a 90-page screenplay which I'll be registering hopefully next week at some point (although I'm sure I'll never stop making changes to it...even during the shoot). Still no satisfying title.

And that's where we're at, folks. Talk to you soon!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I can read the future I think you can pull it off, how about some more girls?????????? Say maybe change the script a little!