Sunday, October 23, 2016

20 Minutes Gone Episode 17: Game Night

Speaking of The Burden of Choice, which is now available free online, you can catch the star of that short Elisa Pupko on the latest episode of 20 Minutes Gone! 

In this very special episode, Elisa and I play a game called "Wheel of Pupko" - where Elisa spins a wheel full of unique and interesting mini-games we then play in the studio.

I should also mention that this is the first episode to be recorded outside of my basement at the famous Ripley-Grier studio in New York City!

"The Burden of Choice" Now Available Free Online

Good news folks: you can now watch The Burden of Choice, in its entirety, for free online. I'm still meddling with the web site itself but the video is up and ready for your viewing pleasure.

There's no catch, but there is a donation button. If you enjoy the film, please consider donating a little bit to Warm Milk Productions so we can recoup costs and keep providing you with thought-provoking shorts like this and Halina. Every little bit counts (and is appreciated)!

Saturday, October 08, 2016

20 Minutes Gone Episode 16: Halloween Parties

We're back with a new intro! As you can see, new episodes are fairly irregular with unannounced breaks, so make sure you subscribe to this podcast so you don't miss a beat.

Cousin Steve returns and we talk about the Halloween parties we used to help throw that got wilder and wilder each year. The parties were a popular Halloween staple from 2004-2009 and plenty of crazy stories have emerged from them... including the one about why I'm a passed out wreck in this picture...

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Sigur Ros @ Radio City Music Hall 10/5/16

This Sigur Ros show was much different than the previous performances I've seen, and for a couple of reasons: (1) it only featured three members of the band, with none of their string and bass players, and (2) it had no opening act and featured two sets with an intermission between. It was really nice to see a show so dramatically different than their usual tours.

The band did some crowd favorites but also mixed in a generous amount of new material (take my money already). There were times, admittedly, where I really missed the strings; they were noticeable absent from Starálfur (which thus cut the song's length almost in half). But at the same time, they did some new and great things with that song which really helped separate it from the previous two times I'd seen it performed.

Set 1
Ekki Múkk

Set 2
Ný Batterí

While I did get full recordings of Samskeyti and Sæglópur on my iPhone, here's someone else's way better quality video...

Sunday, August 07, 2016

20 Minutes Gone Episode 15: Freestyle Rapping

Extra short episode! My brothers join me once again and Paul shares a bizarre story about a racist babysitter he once had. Then, I tell the tale of how I was once trapped in a freestyle rap circle in the parking lot of a shady bar at two in the morning. Great stories in a super easy-to-digest 13-minute episode!