Sunday, August 07, 2016

20 Minutes Gone Episode 15: Freestyle Rapping

Extra short episode! My brothers join me once again and Paul shares a bizarre story about a racist babysitter he once had. Then, I tell the tale of how I was once trapped in a freestyle rap circle in the parking lot of a shady bar at two in the morning. Great stories in a super easy-to-digest 13-minute episode!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Radiohead @ Madison Square Garden 7/26/16

Hey it's the first concert post in a while! I first saw Radiohead live way back in 2001 (long before this blog existed) and then I got to see them a second time in 2003. Both times were at Madison Square Garden and both were amazing shows. Radiohead has long been one of my favorite bands but unfortunately, I hadn't had a good chance to see them live again in over a decade.

Now, over 10 years later, I was able to see them once again at the Garden and it was worth the wait. They sound more energetic than ever, and with so many more unique albums now in their discography, there were various different styles throughout tonight's show. It seriously felt like seeing 5 different bands in one concert - and all 5 bands rocked.

The set list is below but highlights including hearing "Let Down" live for the first time ever, the live version of "Burn the Witch" being better than the album version, and hearing "No Surprises" live for the third time (it NEVER gets old).
  1. Burn the Witch
  2. Daydreaming
  3. Decks Dark
  4. Desert Island Disk
  5. Ful Stop
  6.  Lotus Flower
  7. The National Anthem
  8. 15 Step
  9. No Surprises
  10. Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief
  11. Separator
  12. Planet Telex
  13. The Numbers
  14. 2 + 2 = 5
  15. Everything in Its Right Place
  16. Myxomatosis
  17. Idioteque
  18. Let Down
  19. Present Tense
  20. Paranoid Android
  21. Nude
  22. Bodysnatchers
  23. Bloom
  24. Street Spirit (Fade Out)
Enjoy this awesome quality video from a superfan on Youtube. I'd sure love a full recording of this show if anyone's got one...

    Sunday, July 24, 2016

    20 Minutes Gone Episode 14: Cloning Dogs

    This web site claims to offer the service of cloning your deceased pet... so I brought on two of my biggest pet-lover friends to discuss if they would ever use a service like this. Things get philosophical on this week's episode of 20 Minutes Gone!

    Friday, July 22, 2016

    "The Burden of Choice" Wins Best Story at Long Island International Film Expo!

    Last night was the closing ceremony of the 2016 Long Island International Film Expo and as usual, it was an amazing night that involved hundreds of incredible upcoming filmmakers. To my surprise, our 13-minute short film The Burden of Choice was nominated in two categories: Best LI Film (which Halina took home last year) and Best Story.

    I'm so proud to say that The Burden of Choice is the winner of the 2016 Best Story award!

    Here are a few pictures I snagged from the festivities. It starts with a red carpet walk with myself and the star of The Burden of Choice, the infinitely talented Elisa Pupko.
    Here we have some of our key crew members, including Peter the grip, DP Marc, and Rob the sound guy.
    This year's honoree at LIIFE was film and TV legend Ed Asner!
    Here we are the the after party with our award. DP Marc and Peter were also each nominated in the Best LI Film category for short films they each directed.
    Last we have Elisa and Kevin "Dot Com" Brown making loser signs for not nabbing the actor awards. I say they were both robbed!
    I generally do not enjoy doing the film festival circuits (as those closest to me will tell you) but LIIFE continues to be the exception. Besides the recognition I receive from my Long Island community, they constantly put on an amazing ceremony with the effort you just don't see in many other festivals. I really appreciate how LIIFE goes the extra mile to support indie filmmakers, which is why it's always an honor to screen there.

    Sunday, July 10, 2016

    20 Minutes Gone Episode 13: Jermaine

    My favorite recording time for this show is late at night, after a few drinks with the guest. It's great to record relaxed and lose - as I did here with my brothers Paul and Steven. In this late night session, I tell them the story about my phone call with Jermaine Jackson over a decade ago... and then the show takes a hard left turn to us all sharing grade school gym class stories. All of it is good stuff... enjoy!