Thursday, November 12, 2015

"Purgatory Comics" Comic Book Now Available for FREE!

It was a long journey that started way back in June 2014, but we're finally there: the Purgatory Comics "sequel" comic book is now available to download. And as promised, it's FREE.

The comic book was written by myself, inspired specifically by the comic books I read as a teen in the 90s (hence the cover homage to Jim Lee's iconic X-Men #1). It was then drawn/inked/colored by Rafael Rivera. Make sure you really absorb his art, especially since he hid some hilarious Easter eggs throughout.

Here's the official synopsis:

Cola, Evan and Berner think a rare autograph signing from a famous comic writer will save their struggling store . . . but when the big event goes bad, they’re forced to take desperate measures for money.

To get your free download, click on the link and select "digital download" from the format option. For $3, you can order a print hard copy to put with your comic book collection! I hope you guys check it out and enjoy it - this was a lot of fun.

PS - I'm totes aware of one small typo in there...argh...

Monday, November 09, 2015

"The Burden of Choice" Rough Cut Done

I'm a little embarrassed about how long I'm taking in post with The Burden of Choice, mostly because the amazing cast and crew deserve a quicker turnaround . . . but as I've mentioned on this blog, I got hit with quite a few things that took my attention away from this short film for a little bit.

I think one takeaway for me is to space out my projects a little more. At the time, I thought I was being super-productive because I'd finished Halina and then jumped straight into this film, but promoting Halina demanded a lot of time.

But it's all good, as post-production for The Burden of Choice is back on track. The rough cut is just under 15 minutes, which is a little more than I wanted since this was written to be a 10 minute film. Like Halina, I'm just going to cut it to make it the best it can be . . . and if the end result is a weird running time, so be it. 

Also like Halina, the time flies when watching this film, so that's a good sign. There's still a lot of work to be done, including some sound effects, the scoring, color correcting and audio mastering. But hopefully now the pace will pick up and I can get this one wrapped before the end of the year, or at least in January (I feel like it's a good theme for a New Year).

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Update on all 2015 WM Production Projects!

This year has been a super productive one for WM Productions, but with so many different types of projects going on simultaneously, I thought it would be cool to post a recap of where everything stands.

Purgatory Comics (The Comic Book)
This is a one-shot comic based on the characters from my film Purgatory Comics. The comic was written by myself and illustrated by my frequent collaborator Rafael Rivera. Very soon (hopefully within the next few days), this will be available on It will be FREE to download. For a few bucks you'll be able to order a print copy as well. I'm currently holding my print copy, and it looks AMAZING. I'm very happy with it.

Halina (Short Film)
The short film Halina - which did incredibly well this year with both critics and audiences - is available to rent or download at It costs $1.99 to rent and $5.99 to buy and own forever. I may be biased, but I think it's worth it.

20 Minutes Gone (Podcast)
The new podcast we launched this year is a lot of fun to produce. As of now, 6 episodes are available on iTunes to listen to FREE. I have 3 or 4 more unedited episodes in the can. I want to get a few more recorded, and then maybe I'll do another 6 consecutive weeks of new episodes like last time. I'm hoping the show will make its triumph return this November/December.

The Burden of Choice (Short Film)
I edited a rough rough cut of this 10-minute short film, and then it kinda fell down the list due to promoting Halina and also my job. My goal is to get back to this (now that the comic book mentioned above is finished) and have it done around November/December. I haven't figured out my distribution plan for this one yet; I MAY skip festivals and go straight for On Demand this time. We'll see.

Keep checking back here as I'll continue to post updates on these exciting projects!

Monday, October 12, 2015

"Purgatory Comics" Sequel Comic Book Finished!

After writing about this project for over a year, I'm so happy to announce that the comic book sequel for Purgatory Comics is finally finished. And I assure you, although it's only 12 pages, it's a jam-packed story that revisits almost every character from the film (even Bree).

The comic was written by myself and drawn by Rafael Rivera.

So what's next? Yesterday I requested a test-print from Ka-Blam, a digital comic printing web site that offers so many great services at amazing prices. After that, the plan is to offer the comic as both a download and hard copy through Ka-Blam's partner And of course I will let you all know the moment it's available.

Keep checking back for a preview of the finished cover and maybe a preview of the inside as well!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Watch "Halina" Online!

The award-winning and critically-acclaimed short film Halina is now available to rent or purchase online at!

This is a decision I made simply because I want as many people to see Halina as possible, and I don't want them to wait a day longer than they have to. 24-hour streaming rental is only $1.99, and purchase (which includes download and unlimited streaming) is only $5.99.

Please check out Halina, and if you do, I hope you love it as much as I do. Also I hope you dig the final official poster above!