Monday, September 04, 2017

Comics for Sinners Reviews Purgatory Comics #1

This was certainly a great surprise! Comics For Sinners, a web site dedicated to comic book news and reviews, has a feature where once a month they spotlight an indie comic book from Indyplanet. As you may remember, our comic Purgatory Comics #1 is available FREE on Indyplanet (Seriously! It's free! You can literally go download it right now).

Well the good folk at Comics For Sinners discovered our humble comic book and gave it a really great review! You can read Comics For Sinners review of Purgatory Comics #1 right here. Here's a snippet:
"If you enjoy comics but don’t take them too seriously this is an enjoyable read and free, digitally, on Indyplanet."
Give them some love and be sure to read the review, as well as their other reviews and updates. And if you haven't yet, be sure to download your FREE copy of Purgatory Comics #1!