Tuesday, August 14, 2007

In Brightest Day

So it's been a full two days since our first readthrough as a cast and I figured now was the perfect spot to jump on the blogwagon. Now hopefully Ralph will stop haunting my dreams.

I had a blast at the readthrough and I can't wait until we get into the filming of this beast. I forsee fun times ahead for the everyone involved. I was glad that there weren't any divas present and especially happy that none of those "Actor Type" people showed up. Everyone seems really laid back but I am sure that the Muzak had something to do with that.

I will ask forgiveness in advance for any geeking out that I do about comics even as we try to rehearse or shoot scenes. This will probably get exponentially worse as we shoot on location at the shop. I can't be held responsible for any lists of suggested readings, t-shirts with strange symbols,catchphrases or solemn oaths that I might let slip. Also try not to be to bothered by hearing me say "he's so mad!", and "stop being so Skrully" over and over as World War Hulk and the current alien invasion of the Marvel Universe are taking up quite a large area in my head right now.

So let's all raise our magical hammers and prepare to do battle, for now we are a team and soon the villians known as re-writes,chasing the light, and craft services will be upon us. Stand fast trust your teammates and we all might see the other side of this epic struggle.

p.s.- I wonder what name our team will have and what will be our battlecry?


Caleb said...

[p.s.- I wonder what name our team will have and what will be our battlecry?]

Hmm...well you are doing an indepedent project with Ralphy S at the helm so here are a few suggestions...

"Generic Cheer under public domain!"

"Comic Fanboy Independent Films 4everz!!!"

"We don't have enough in the budget for a battlecry!"

"For Long Dialoge with hidden jokes that bobody but Suarez gets!"

"For the Mediocre Fanbase!"

"It will look better once it's edited!"

"For the Glory of Kevin Smith!!!"

"Thank God Digital Media is cheap!"

"Lets do that scene one more time!"

I hope these come in handy.

Ralphy said...

Nice Caleb. I did already warn them that they'll be hearing a lot of "one more time" from me.

My battlecry is going to be the same it has always been...


(yes I totally put that in the movie)

Angela said...

Tim you kick my ass so hard it's retarded.
I'm kinda feeling; "all your base are belong to us" or "Titties!"

Just throwing it out there.