Sunday, September 30, 2007

On the Set: Day 9

I am so proud of my cast and crew right now. Today we not only did everything on the call sheet (and it was a lot), but we also grabbed the one scene from last week that we had to keep bumping. In other words . . . at this moment . . .the night before the final day . . . we are 100% where we should be. That is spectacular.

We shot at the comic book store once again. We had almost the whole cast on set today, so there was quite a crowd. We started with some Berner scenes and then trucked right along to some Evan scenes. April and Atoki were both there to do a bunch of Mia/Andrew scenes as well. And once again, Laura made things run nice and smooth by acting as a production assistant.

Tomorrow is our final day, and we're going out with a bang. Again, we've got almost the full cast. We've got some monster scenes to shoot, and a lot of action coordinate. It would've been nice if our last shooting day were relaxing, but it's going to be, perhaps, our most challenging day yet. I think I'm up for it. Here goes nothing...

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Anonymous said...

What was the best day? Worst day? Fun day? Most productive? Harrowing day? Day by day please an nosy!