Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Editing this bitch

So I've been editing a rough cut of the film for the past few nights. What I've been doing is pretty much watching every single take of each scene, and then logging what I like, what I don't like, and why we probably can't use that take anyway (ie. out of focus or bad mess ups, etc). At this point I've got about 10 minutes of film edited in a rough cut (as in, no soundtrack, no color corrections, and I need to go back and tweak some cuts, maybe swap some takes). Anyway, if you're a fellow filmmaker and you're reading this looking for advice, here's the one nugget I'd like to share:

For the love of sweet Christ, have a continuity director on your crew.

Each cut I edit is a battle because I'm trying to match the actions of the actors. Unfortunetly, my actors don't like doing the exact same thing twice (ever), so this has been a royal pain. If I had someone on the set whose sole job was to watch for things like this, my life in the editing suite would be a lot easier. A continuity director would also catch things like wardrobe changes, style changes, and so on. Now, I purposely kept my crew as small as possible because we were shooting mostly in a tiny store and even with the few of us, the place was packed. But for your bigger productions, treat yourself to a continuity director.

I'll keep you all posted on editing. I would like to cut a trailer in the near future. I'm also playing with some ideas on how to change how the movie begins (I'm really liking my current one that nobody knows about yet...). In the meantime, here are a few more tasty stills of my leads, mostly from inside the store:

And what the hell, here are two more completely random shots:
Click any image for an enlarged view. As much as I might sound like I'm complaining, I actually really do enjoy the editing process. When I hit a snag, it's a very satisfying feeling to find a creative way around it. Plus, naturally it's just cool to see everything come together.

I am still in need of some kickass music for the soundtrack. If you're a musician or you know a great band, have them send a demo to Warm Milk Productions Inc, PO Box 474 Lake Grove NY 11755.


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More starwipe.

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