Sunday, October 21, 2007

Open letter to my cast

To my cast

We shot a lot of footage in a very small period of time, so we did a lot of cramming. Add to that all of the problems big and small that would arise (some being issues that you guys were never even made privy to), and you have one stressed director.

As I'm more than halfway done editing my rough cut though, I'm realizing that through the rush and craziness of the filming, I might have not done my best job expressing my appreciation of you guys. It's something I had planned to do for some kind of wrap party or film premiere or something, but I should do it now while it's sill somewhat fresh in my head (can you believe it's almost been a month already?).

You guys all fit your roles perfectly. If you'd watch this footage, you'd agree. You'd think I hired so type of big bucks casting agent to find you guys...that's how well you all fit your parts. The fact that I personally handpicked each and every one of you if one of my proudest achievements in this film.

But beyond the great acting job you all did, you did so much more. You guys traveled to Long Island. You waited around for hours some days before your turns in front of the cameras. You volunteered to drive other castmates back. You took cabs when I couldn't get to you. Above guys never...ever complained. You made things so much less stressful on me and pleasant for everyone involved in the film. From the most sincere corner of my heart, I say thank you. Thank you so much for your patience, time, and commitment. You have my respect, and I hope I was a good enough director for you guys. I am in all of your debt, and I'll make you proud as I continue editing this.

-Your Lovable Director


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Anonymous said...

Right back at ya, buddy. I had a really fun time with the shoot, and hope to be working on an even bigger project with you sometime soon! Best of luck with the editing...

Touchdown Timmy said...

Your lucky I'm not on your cast. I would be a complete Diva, refusing to work on the Sabbath of every religion, including the ones I've invented, and making outrageous complaints i.e. "these almonds are not crunchy enough."

AShowers said...

aww so emotional, heh. but really, i ha a great time, except for not having my trailor painted black and gold stars, but hey, its okay