Thursday, October 04, 2007

Side Panels: Production Day 1

Here's a little look at our first day of production. It'll give you a little fly on the wall look at our shoot at Southaven County Park in Brookhaven. Well mostly it's just us chasing birds around. But you'll get to see some of the crew, and also just the tiniest glimpse of the scene in the film where Cola (Angela Benedict) meets Danny (Vinny Bove).

Southaven is a large, beautiful park to shoot at, and some of our scenery shots are gorgeous. However, the park is near a major highway as well as a student airport, so traffic sounds where always an issue (not to mention a nearby shooting range). Next time I do location scouting, I'll have a better idea of what kind of stuff to look nearby airport and shooting range. The day one footage looks gorgeous.


Anonymouse said...

Ralphy, has anyone every pointed out you have a resembelence to the the spokesman for the verizon wireless network?

Anonymous said...

BUT NOT HIS RESIDUAL MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!