Saturday, April 12, 2008

Alex Sovronsky to Appear in Film (whatever it's called)!

This has me excited. An old college friend of mine, Alex Sovronsky, will be appearing briefly in the film when we shoot some pickup shots toward the end of the month. Here's why it's cool: Like Chris Wyant, Alex represents a bridge between two distinct eras of my life. Alex was in my experimental, ultra low-budget 2004 short film "Fly on the Wall," and he's done some voice-work for my old web series "Disorderly Conduct." But also, Alex is a friggin' great actor who's been on Broadway! Alex was in Cyrano with Kevin Kline recently. In fact, it was because of this play that Alex couldn't audition for my film last year, which I guess is a fair excuse. Anyway, glad to have your name in the credits, Alex. You're definitely one of those people I always hope to work with again one day.

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Caleb said...

Alex Sovronsky's facial hair will one day take over the N. American continent.