Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Over $20,000

Hope you enjoyed the April Fool's joke from the last entry!

So I got an extension on my business taxes and I handled them a little late this year. When I started adding up all of the receipts I've been collecting, the cost of this whole thing became real. Back tracking a bit, I've always been telling people "the movie cost about $16-grand" or maybe I'd up it to $17-grand, but inside I've always known it was much more. Maybe I was afraid to tell people just really how much I've been sinking into this thing, but I think I was more afraid to admit it to myself in all honesty. But now that I've got some numbers here in print, it's something I can't hide from anymore: this freakin' thing has cost me over $20,000.


If you're wondering why I've been in post-production for so long, there's a big chunk of your reason. This came entirely out of my pocket...I didn't get any investors, I didn't win any law suits, and I certainly didn't win a lottery. I just gambled my banking accounts and I'm scared as hell that it won't pay off. How'd this thing get to be over twice as much as my original goal? Without itemizing, I'll give a very rough and general overview of major expenses in 2007:

Crew - $11,520.45
Catering - $483.06
Insurance - $1,236.10
Equipment - $3,535.45
Props/Costumes - $593.11
Misc (travel, legal, web, etc) - $1,654.73

And this doesn't include anything from 2008, which includes our upcoming shoot in late April (not with Abe Vigoda). The good news is that some of these costs are tangible items that I'll always be able to use...editing software, film equipment, etc. And, I still think it's pretty cool that I actually own a business right now. But still...the figures are way higher than I've led anyone to believe. So I'm in a nice debt (hence, I still drive a Ford Tempo...but that changes this year!) and I hope this justifies a little bit why I've been so obsessed with this project; it can literally make or break me.

Anyways, there are my current feelings. Thanks to everyone that's stood by this entire time. I'm more determined than over to give you a good end product. In the meantime, I haven't thrown this link up in if you wanna help a little...


Vinny Bove said...

I can't believe how incredibly gullible I am. I don't think there was one single April Fool's prank that I DIDN'T fall for. It's a good thing that there wasn't somebody out to get me.

Anyhow, best of luck with the continuing editing process. Wish I could click on that Donate button for ya, but it's just not feasible right now. Lemme know if there are any other ways in which I can help though. Hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

Ralphy Ralphy: You know my problem, but will gladly anyway I CAN TO HELP (CEPT MOOLAH) i AM DOING Chiller first week in May N.J., Monster Bash Pittsburgh June, August Monster Mania Cherry Hill, Sept Film Con in Chicago, OCT Chiller, get me some kind of flyers on the film will gladly distribute at all these shows, will call you sometime this week, Vinny beat me to the punch, is this Vigoda thing real thought he was a gonner! Best PW(Bob) give me a ring! P.S How are the other cast members doing have been selling my collection since last year going to have a memorabilia garage sale, do you have any BB ITEMS TO SELL ON EBAY ??? aUCTION WISE.

Anonymous said...

R: hOW ABOUT A CAST SIGNING OF THE POSTER AT THE COMIC STORE???????? Is there a poster?? Would gladly do my little art amoeba at the store for funds, have you finished I GUESS NOT WHAT ABOUT ANY FESTIVALS A SHORT OF SOME KIND OF THE FILM??? JUST IDEAS, JUST got word of NYC comic con this month maybe you could hawk it there it is comic related, some suggestions Best again Bob

Ralphy said...

Hey Bob

I do have stuff for ebay, but I'd like to hold onto it all until the movie's out there, and people might actually want to bid on it. As for Comicon (which EVERYONE keeps asking me about) year. I have nothing to present this year. Next year we'll (hopefully) have DVDs, shirts, the works. Thanks for continuing to check in on us! Don't you worry about the finances. Instead, worry about the bombshell I'm gonna drop in the next blog posting...

Anonymous said...

R: Now you have me very worried, Bombshell does that mean bad? I hope not, will call you sometime at night this week, hope this film sees the light in 08, rember when you showed me the rough cut and I LAUGHED it takes alot nowadays to do that, so you got to have something very much worth it there, have seen alot of stinkers in the movies this year, you are going to have a sleeper , I have seen some bad festival things, BB is going to be your babee!!!!! Best Bob

Anonymous said...

How about " I don't want to buy your cookies" "Plastic or Paper" "Cola and the Nutz" RS

Anonymous said...

More: will read script and get some more ideas 'COLA NUT" "nicola" 'TEAM HAMSTERFLAP" 'SIDE PANELS" 'DANNY AND COLA SITTIN IN A TREE" rs