Sunday, June 01, 2008

A Small Test Screening

Saturday I screened the current cut of the film for three creative friends of mine: Matt, Rich, and Danny. These guys not only understand the concepts of constructive criticism, but they're also knowledgeable about video production in general.

After the film screened, we discussed it and exchanged ideas. I heard what the guys liked, what they didn't like, and some thoughts on how to make it stronger. It seems they liked the overall character development, especially in the third act. The entire meeting was very beneficial for me; I have a very clear idea on how I want to approach my next editing session to tighten the movie and improve the pacing. The biggest difference so far is a complete deletion of a scene. I estimate that this, with some other smaller cuts here and there, may actually take the running time down to a nice even 90 minutes. The next step is some more editing, and hopefully a stronger flick!


Caleb said...


Well that's good that you can cut down on the movie. That's really the hardest part.

I hope you can get everything situated.

_Oh and I was uploading some old video and I got the "Your College Tour Guide" skit on Youtube.

Guest Starring a certain Ralph Suarez...

I loved that skit.

Cringe-worthy blackmail material if you ever get famous Ralph!

Chris said...

What scene did you have to cut?

Ralphy said...

If that's the Chris I think it is, then don't worry, it's not your scene!