Thursday, August 07, 2008

We Have An End Plan!

By Thursday, August 15th I will be done with all my little edits and tweaks. On that date, I pass the film to my friend at Digital Cut and he will do the final color correcting and audio finishing. At this point, the whole thing is totally in his hands for awhile and I get to relax (and move on to some little projects I've been dying to do). It took me awhile to find someone to do this final post-production work, but it was a big decision based around price and trust. The guy I'm turning to is someone I've worked with before, and the fact that he's local makes the whole thing all the better. Plus I got a hell of a good rate. The way things are going, we're looking at a finished movie before Halloween (the latest).

If you haven't already, check out the new I'm still adjusting it a little here and there but the template will give you a basic idea of what the site will be.

The pic above is completely unrelated to's just Jonathan (Berner) in Star Trek project Phase II. I thought it was funny.

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