Monday, April 06, 2009

Some Updates

Hi folks, I'm writing this from a spa in Connecticut where I'm totally spoiling myself with a gift package I won. But it's hard to relax with so much going on so I thought I'd drop a few updates:
  • Some of you regular readers have followed my work from my college days, so there's no doubt you'd recognize the man in the picture with me. That's Steve Amico, star of almost all of my college short films including Warm Milk, Warm Milk 2, The Great Inner Solitude and Scratching the Surface. I saw Steve last week for the first time in at least 5 years, and it was incredible. We had some mind-blowingly deep, reflective conversations that really inspired me. And we also made a pact to work together again one day soon. What a great day that was.
  • You might have noticed that this blog has officially become When you type to the old homepage, it will forward you here. I think it makes things a lot neater and easier and I'm actually excited about that change.
  • You might have also noticed some google ads on the page. I joined the AdSense program to allow adverts on my site. I'm hoping it might help generate some revenue, even if it's loose change. Every bit counts. Sorry if the ads are bothersome but you understand.
  • Don't forget to buy your tickets for our screening in Pennsylvania! We're headlining the 2009 Lancaster Area Film Festival!
  • Okay, I know everyone wants to know when we'll have DVDs. I'm working with someone this month to make it happen, so just hold a little longer.
  • Check out the new, where our film is highlighted on the main page.
There's your dose of updates. Between seeing Steve and taking these days to reflect, I really feel a shift in my mindset. What it means for the film is a return of some motivation. Ooh, and here's something fun: there will be a new skit online this week, so check back soon!

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