Sunday, May 03, 2009

Reporting from Lancaster PA

Today we took a drive to Lancaster Pennsylvania for the Lancaster Area Film Festival that I've been writing about for a month now. Above you see me with some local stormtroopers securing the area. Here's the building where it took place:

Here's a spread from the program, where you'll see Purgatory Comics got a special spotlight:

And here's me and DP Mike backstage. We got to screen both of our projects in hi-def because Mike hooked up his PS3, which was really cool.

Overall, it's been a pretty neat experience so far. My friends and I are crashing in Penn. tonight and we're looking for something fun to do tomorrow. The festival was a blast, but the downside was that multiple theaters were screening multiple films at once, dividing the ticket-buyers substantially. So I didn't get the big audience I was really hoping for, but I did get to watch my flick projected in beautiful quality. And the audience reaction was positive, which makes me happy.

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