Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sale Going Strong, 1 Week Left! Bree Olson Endorsements!

There's only one week left until December 23, 2009 . . . the date that the above coupon code expires! Remember, when you enter the special coupon code to buy our DVD from, you will save money and get this awesome movie for only $7 bucks. After that, it goes back to its normal price, and it might even have to go up from there. All I can promise is that right now is the cheapest it will ever be available for! I'm pleased with the sales we've been getting but if you haven't grabbed this DVD yet, hurry!

Our friend Bree Olson gave us a little publicity too by plugging the movie (and a special coupon code made for her) on her web site, twitter, facebook, and myspace! Almost all of that stuff I just mentioned is NSFW, but if you'd like to see, I did post two censored screen grabs below (click to enlarge). Thank you Bree! She is definitely an awesome gal and her fans will love her comedy-turn in "Purgatory Comics." So order now!

You're still here? Get your copy of "Purgatory Comics" on DVD now!

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