Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some Random Updates

"I can haz brains?"

Been a little bit since a nice update post, so here goes. Let's start with a film review! FilmBizzarro.com reviewed a DVD of Purgatory Comics. The reviewer wasn't really into it as it wasn't his cup of tea (he prefers his movies with lots of blood and guts and honestly, I can't blame 'em). But rather than rip it apart, he reaffirms he's just not the right audience which was cool, and if he took the time to write and plug it, I'll take the time to plug 'em. Be warned though, nsfw image of Bree Olson at the site. Read the review here.

DP Mike updated his demo reel over at his site. There's some glimpses of Purgatory Comics in there, so check it out. He has gained so many new capabilities since shooting my movie that I'm itching to work on a new project with him. In the meantime he's exploring some cool new Bluray authoring capabilities. I'll keep you posted on that. Also he made himself a top-notch editing suite so if you're in the tristate area and you're looking for a good editor, check out his site.

Angela's still at it with the youtubin' from London. Here's her latest vid:

And last: I've got two scripts in the works. Both have been in my head for nearly a year and they're both in different stages of development. A relationship movie is trickling onto paper very slowly, and a thriller is completely outlined and 30 pages of script are done. Even though the latter is further along, my passion for the former is much stronger. I'll keep you posted.

Happy Belated New Years! Resolutions coming soon...

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