Saturday, February 20, 2010

Purgatory Comics Commentary Track

Last night I recorded an audio commentary track for Purgatory Comics. I tried my best to give as much inside information about the shoot as I could but even now I'm remembering a few tidbits I forgot to mention. This is for a possible bluray project I'm working on with DP Mike LaVoie. He also has a commentary track in the can, so if I makes a bluray disc it will have both commentary tracks, and some other goodies like the trailer and a behind the scenes feature (I'm taking all the "Side Panels" videos and combining them into one feature, with new footage). If these blurays happen, it will be on a very small scale at first, with an extremely limited release. So we gotta keep getting those DVDs out there because the more of those we sell, the more revenue there is for cool things like blurays.

Mike also redesigned his web site, so check it out. In the Writer/Director/DP section you can watch some shorts that Mike himself wrote and directed. I recommend "Father Tom" since I really enjoy that one.

Last I'm going to drop this little nugget: I am in fact looking to get a table at the NY Comic Con this October. The price isn't the issue; I'm just waiting to hear back on a little more information I requested and I have to figure some scheduling out. We may have ourselves a hot little guest doing a signing. Stay tuned, I'll let you know. :)

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