Saturday, May 21, 2011

Collaborations, Updates

I've got a couple of projects in the works, but everything is so early-stage right now that I haven't really been publicizing much yet on this blog. So it's been pretty quiet here, and I am sorry about that. A lot of indie filmmakers are very cautious about "false start" projects, so they don't like to spill the beans until the project becomes a reality. Me included.

Right now, I'm extremely interested in collaborations, and I've got two in the works. One is a short film that I'm writing while sharing a "story by" credit, and the other is a feature with a few friends from "Purgatory Comics." I can't say much else yet but I have been writing/brainstorming over the past weeks, so my brain has been active.

I've also written a few scripts for myself: two finished shorts and one feature. I go back and forth on if I feel strongly about actually shooting them, but I think at least one of the shorts may find itself to production eventually.

I miss being involved with a production in a big, bad way. I'm going to keep writing and I really hope for a chance to feel the high that comes from filmmaking again very soon.

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