Saturday, April 14, 2012

Life After LIIFE Panel April 14th @ Adelphi

This is my first post since blogger changed its "create post" style so forgive me if this winds up a mess... anyhow this morning was the Life After LIIFE panel at Adelphi University and this was, for me personally, the most enjoyable panel yet.

The panel was moderated by Jim Cook and featured myself, Alexander Etseyatse, Stevan Mena, Elias Plagianos, and Pierre Stefanos; all winners of the Long Island International Film Expo who have gone on to achieve some form of success with our respective projects.

We each presented the trailers to our films, giving me the opportunity to show the newest Purgatory Comics trailer to an audience for the first time ever.

After introductions, Jim asked some basic questions about how we got our ideas on paper, and how we landed distribution. There were a handful of audience questions as well.

This panel was my favorite for a few reasons. I love meeting new filmmakers and I got that chance today, but I also got to see some familiar faces again such as Stevan and Pierre. I really respect the energy they put into their projects and the very different paths they (and all filmmakers) travel to get their concepts to completion. I might as well be sitting in the audience because I learn so much doing these panels by listening to the other filmmakers.

From answering questions during the panel, and then mingling with the audience afterward, I really felt inspired to keep productive. I talked to one young man who really stood out to me because I could see the passion for writing in his eyes and it reminded me of myself at his age. I told him the tricks I do to better flesh out characters and plot my stories. I hope he gives it a try and gets some good stories on paper. It sure motivated me to do some writing again.

I want to thank my bestest friend Dana for being my photographer during the panel and shooting all the pics in this entry for me. And as always I want to send my sincere thanks to Debra Markowitz and the Long Island Film/TV Foundation. It never ceases to amaze me how supportive they are to the little guys like me, and being asked to do panels like this is one of the greatest honors. 

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