Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Limited Time Only! Rent Purgatory Comics for 99¢!

Purgatory Comics is currently featured on PlayStation as a 99¢ (SD) and $1.99 (HD) rental. This promo will run until 12/03/12 only! This is the cheapest this film has ever been available to view online!! If you're even slightly curious about this flick, now is the time to check it out!!!

Hurry! This limited time offer ends Monday!

If you have a PlayStation 3: Log on to the PlayStation store from your PS3. Go to Movies, Discounts, and 99¢ Movies to see this week's special sale section. You'll find Purgatory Comics in the mix. Or, simply log on to the PS store and search "Purgatory Comics."

If you DON'T have a PlayStation 3: Click to download and install the free Media Go software that will allow you to enjoy PS3 films on your PC. Then go here to buy and watch!

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