Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Downloadable Comic Book in the Works!

What's up my homies? I'm partnering up once more with my frequent collaborator Rafael Rivera to bring you guys a FREE downloadable comic book based on the characters in Purgatory Comics! And although you won't have to see the movie to enjoy the comic, it will certainly be more rewarding if you do.

Rafael did much of the art featured in the film, including the fake comic book covers like the one above. I'm excited to work closely with him on a new original story.

This is an exercise for me in writing for comic books, which is new to me but something I'm already finding to be very fun. In fact the first draft is already finished!

Here are some tools I utilized:

Blambot is just an amazing resource for downloadable tools (such as a GIANT collection of comic-related fonts). On the page linked here you get to see a typical scripted page with a completed example just below.

Fred Van Lente offers a downloadable Microsoft Word template on his site so you can pretty much start creative writing instantly. There are also a few full scripts of real comic books available on this page.

The Beat offers a wide array of other downloadable templates (Word Processor, Final Draft, etc) along with insight into each one.

I feel compelled to acknowledge there isn't really a concrete, industry-standard template for writing comic books. In fact I've seen many different ways writers communicate with their artists, and in the end that's the only thing that really matters. I just wanted to share how I'm going about my first venture.

Stay tuned for more updates, preliminaries, etc . . . all leading to a final, downloadable script right here!

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