Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Casting Director for Halina

With the unexpected tsunami of casting submissions, I'm proud to post that my dear friend Enge has agreed to be the official Casting Director for Halina. She's been helping for some time already, I'm just overwhelmed and haven't had a chance to announce it yet. So there.

Enge brings a lot of experience to this production; she received her second degree from film school and is currently living bi-coastal between Hollywood and New York. She's done production coordinating, casting, and directing both nationally and internationally. And now she's sorting through the thousands of submissions with a keen eye and a full understanding of the script. Exciting!

Actors: if you receive a call or e-mail from Enge in the future, it means you're invited to come audition for us. Please be friendly and help her coordinate the time slot that will work best for you. Casting is still in mid-Oct and we're still accepting submissions through this week.

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fallonious maximus said...

I would like to send my headshot in to be considered. Unfortunately I am not a member of Backstage. Is there an alternative site I can submit to?
-Falon Joslyn