Friday, October 24, 2014

Meet the Cast of Halina

I'm very proud to introduce you to this exceptional group of actors. This is the team that's going to bring the short film Halina to life: First is Lilly Wilton, who will be filling the role of Mischa, a young girl who takes a very unique job at the billion dollar Crane Mansion. Of course this job is to spend time with the mysterious robot-woman Halina, who is being played by Hannah Jane McMurray.

In the next row we have Patricia O'Neil, who's taking on the role of the no-nonsense head caretaker of Crane Mansion, Ms. Avery. Then you have Tyler McElroy, an ex-boyfriend Mischa just can't let go of. Last but not least we have William Otterson as the rich, powerful and secretive Thomas Crane.

It was a tough job for Enge and I to go through literally thousands of actors, but this talented group are the amazing fit we were looking for and I can't tell you how excited I am to work with all of them.

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