Monday, April 20, 2015

Forest City Short Film Review: "Halina" is Must See Short of 2015!


Well this is an awesome start! A film writing blog with a specialty in short films posted a review of Halina today, and said some very very nice things. Forest City Short Film Review, run by freelance writer Nicholas La Salla, declared Halina to be the "Must See Short of 2015":

"'Halina' is Forest City Short Film Review's first MUST SEE SHORT of 2015, and frankly it's also one of the finest short films I have ever seen."

Read the review in its entirety right here (it's pretty spoiler-free). What I really appreciate about this write-up is that the writer looked at the film's credits, and then paid each key player their earned respect. From DP Mike to Steve the composer to the Influencers band . . . he took the time to appreciate the many puzzle pieces that created this final image. That's something more film sites could benefit from.

There's my review for the review! We're off to a good start here, folks!

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