Sunday, July 05, 2015

"Halina" Wins Special Mentions for "Best Film Short" & "Creativity/Originality" in Best Shorts!

Halina has won an Award of Excellence Special Mention in this season's Best Shorts Competition

To explain how the award tier works (and why this is exciting): of all entries there is one Best in Show, eight special mentions (including us), and then 30-40 winners for the next tier. So basically out of thousands of entries, we made the second place tier . . . which is amazing.

Our awards are in "Best Film Short" and "Creativity/Originality" and right now, a still from Halina is included on their home page.

Another win for Halina . . . I'm so honored that it's getting such recognition. I hope to keep this momentum going and post more laurels for you guys.

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