Monday, July 13, 2015

"Halina" World Premiere Recap

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who was able to make it out for the world premiere of Halina! Some people came a long ways to show their support and I really really appreciate that. I had the most amazing time. I love any chance to hang out with my cast and crews, and mingle with other filmmakers. 

Here are some of the pics I took. There were so many cool peeps there I didn't get a chance to snag a picture with, such as DP Mike and our composer Steve (to name a couple).

Here's a mix of team Halina and team Burden of Choice:
Next up is Lamis the graphic designer and Enge, the Casting Director for both Halina and The Burden of Choice.
Tyler, who played Aaron in Halina. He seemed to really dig the film which is always good to hear. I really want actors to be proud of working with me.
 Cheryl the Production Manager of Halina! We accidentally matched outfits.
 Marc the 1st AC for Halina and DP for The Burden of Choice.
There is no feeling in the world quite like screening your movie for a full theater (and it was a packed house, I couldn't believe it). Sitting in the back, I went through the whole screening with an odd mix of exhilaration and terror; it was the first time I'd shown the film to people who came in with no context, so I had some sudden self-doubts if the film was too subtle, not subtle enough, easy to follow etc.

But the response was terrific. The audience laughed at the right parts and cheered for the end pay-off, which is my personal favorite part. Afterwards I heard some great reactions, especially for Lilly and Hannah Jane. When 2/3 of your film is two women sitting and talking, it's a tricky balancing act...but those two carried the script like pros and everyone seems to absolutely love them.

The Q&A panel after the screenings was a lot of fun (that might've been because I slammed down a few drinks right before it).  I got to discuss the themes of Halina in a little more depth and even talk about The Burden of Choice a little bit.

Next up for Halina is the LIIFE award ceremony this week, and then the August 19th screening in New York City for New Filmmakers.

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