Monday, February 08, 2016

"The Burden of Choice" on IMDB, Mini Cast Reunion

The Burden of Choice, along with its official poster, is now listed on IMDB. While I was editing this page, I also took the time to update the poster on the Halina page.

Also last week I had a mini WM Production crossover event at Ripley-Grier Studios! I enlisted the voices of Hannah Jane McMurray (Halina), Patricia O'Neil (Halina) and Elisa Pupko (The Burden of Choice) to help me record some radio work for my job. It was an exciting reunion and it's ALWAYS a pleasure to direct these talents. 

If this isn't a "meaty" enough crossover for you, pay close attention to the first scene in The Burden of Choice when you see it. There are references to both Halina AND Purgatory Comics...

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