Friday, July 20, 2007

Even MORE casting news!

Here are a few more lovely headshots for you folks. The first is Alex Adams, who will be playing Ray in the movie. Ray is a friend of Evan's and an ├╝ber fantasy/sci-fi fanboy. The next picture is April Simpson, who will be playing the part of Mia. During a subplot in the film, Berner is revealed to have a crush on Mia and after years of waiting, he finally makes his move. And the third pic is Atoki Ileka, who will be playing the role of Andrew, and who is somehow connected to Mia. It'll be great to have these three on board and right now I'm more excited about this project than ever.

At this point there are still three vital roles I have yet to cast: Danny, Zomby Gal, and Peter Whales. I'm hoping to contact my actor preferences this weekend, so hopefully you'll get to see one last major casting announcement in the very near future.

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