Thursday, July 19, 2007

More casting news!

Here's a little more casting news (with even more to follow very shortly). The two male leads have been picked! Timothy Kelly (first pic) will be joining our production and playing Evan, the owner of the comic book store where most of our story takes place. Also cast is Jonathan Zungre (second pic) as Mel Berner, a patron of the comic store who takes to Cola as somewhat of a surrogate mother. Both Timothy and Jonathan have been invited to post their own thoughts on the production in this very blog whenever they want. They also both happen to be real-life comic book fans, so the on-set conversations are going to be awesomly dorky between the three of us, I'm sure.

Right now I'm working mostly on some of the art pieces and props that will be involved with the production. You'll see some of that in the very very near future. As Angela wrote below, we've been working on bringing the character of Cola to life, and her commitment to perfecting this has been nothing short of awesome. Stay tuned!

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