Monday, July 30, 2007

A little more Ace

I'm not sure if this piece of art is going to make it into the film, but I couldn't resist recreating the gayest finest World's Finest cover ever:

So now here it is with our friend Ace Amoeba. If this image goes to print, I'm going to put it on deteriorated, wrinkled paper like you see above to recreate that really old comic look. No way a copy of Ace like this would be in mint condition.

Once again, Raphael Rivera drew Ace while I did the rest. I wouldn't consider it finished at this point. Really I'm just working on art right now to procrastinate doing some paperwork that I should be taking care of right now.

Stupid paperwork.


Anonymous said...

Ace is my baby, I love it, thanx for using the sig best to you and all, HA HA HA NO F----- Way PW

Anonymous said...

Another Ace Amoeba? My mind is blown!