Saturday, August 11, 2007

First Full Cast Rehearsal!

Today was the first full cast rehearsal, which was in the same room that we did the auditions in the Marriott. I know it sounds a little ostentatious to gush, but this group is incredible. Not only did they each exceed my expectations, but they're also a real bunch of cool cats and definitely the kind of people you want in your corner during a project like this.

I'll have a short video clip up later this week, but here are some pictures for now. Click the images for a full size view.

This is either a pic of the three leads, or an album cover.

Look at those faces.

The full cast, together at last!

...aaaaand already acting goofy.

What a good looking bunch, eh? There you are folks...the people that are going to make "Bagged and Boarded" the "Citizen Kane" of our time.


Anonymous said...

NO WONDER WHY I AM A RECLUSE! love and kisses. Yeah RIGHT! pw

Zung said...

we are awesome. i want to go read comics right now. World War Hulk! Ralph, the hulk is a gladiator in that one!

Angela said...

That has to have been the most fun I had in forever. Jon you must teach me thy way. I so need to be more animated!

DerickA said...

The cast honestly looks really good. I am very anxious to see the final product.

Do I need to point out that you spelled Cane wrong?

Ralphy said...

Do I need to point out that you're a SHUTUP I FIXED IT.

Can't wait to show you the final product, old friend.

Anonymous said...

What a motly crew, can't wait to see the finished product, betcha they are older now!!!!!!!!!!