Wednesday, September 26, 2007

First look at Bagged and Boarded!

As promised, here are a few random production stills from the film. There hasn't been any editing yet (or color correcting) so there's no guarantee that these particular shots will be in the movie. I just wanted to show you guys a (non-spoiler) glimpse at what we're dealing with. Click the images below to enlarge! Tease tease tease.

I'll throw some more up over the next few days. Maybe I'll even cut a nice little teaser too. Just keep checking on the blog.


Anonymouse said...

I have to say, I'm pleasantly surprised these stills look pretty good. I am worried that there might be a little clerks-in-a-comic-book-store dynamic taking hold but I'm sure you creative people have kept that element happily at bay. Btw, nice token minorities. Will there be any smoking or gambling represented in this movie? Have you thought to include so much as a rather hilarious toss of a unthinkably numerous sided-die a la so much grand rpg tom-foolery? Have your designs on nudity fallen completely by the wayside?

Ralphy said...

To address almost everything you wrote:

-There's no way on Earth that I'll be able to completely avoid Clerks comparisons, but we've made a helluva an effort to dilute the similarities. For one, you may be surprised at the amount of action in the film that takes us out of the comic book store.

-Technically, the entire cast is a minority. We've got all the colors of the rainbow in this film, each one playing a major part in the story. This was easy because not a single role in the script was racially specific. Therefore, all ethnic stereotypes were left at the door: a fact I'm very proud of.

-We had a great joke about a numerous sided-die that may or may not make it in. We were thinking about a die with so many sides that technically it was just a marble.

-We've already filmed the nudity.

I'm glad you enjoy the stills. I hope you're looking at them on a Mac because I'm noticing how much darker they appear on my office PC.

Vinny Bove said...

Wow, those look great! Now how 'bout some Cola & Danny stills? :)

Anonymous said...

WHO IS GONNA DIE????????????????

My name is Sam Baron said...

Shots are looking nice, fella.