Tuesday, September 25, 2007

On the Set: Day 7

Today was the last of our second chunk of filming (four days in a row done!). We were able to get back inside the store for a reverse angle of a shot, and then we were able to do all of the exterior shots that were on the call sheet. We're still one scene behind right now, but we're not in terrible shape.

Since this was our third day at the store, our production is starting to stir up interest in the local area. Some fellows from the neighboring gaming store were hanging by to watch, and we also met an awesome kid who I let call some directions. Things went fairly smoothly for the most part, and Mr. Bob Socci wrapped his production on the film today!

Garreth gave me my 1TB hard drive and I've just spent the last two hours looking at footage. Wow. A lot of these scenes look amazing. Like...too amazing for a goofy little movie. I was surprised a few times at what scenes came out looking the best...there are a few in there that I didn't think too much of at the time but they look amazing in reality. And the camera really loves our three leads...they look great in nearly every shot. I could stay up and watch this footage all night, but I've got work tomorrow. We're done shooting until Saturday, and I miss my team already.

Final thoughts? The end of production is in sight and I can't decide how I feel about that. I'm going to get to bed now and force myself to dream about this thing being a hit. Stop by again tomorrow and I'll throw a few hi-def productions stills up. PS - I totally just dozed off at my computer before publishing this.

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Anonymous said...

I miss the cast and crew. MOOTUAL FEELING???? Beard is gone! But not my feelings for you all!!!!!!!!!! Best Bob PW