Sunday, September 23, 2007

On the Set: Day 5

Today was our first day shooting at the comic book store. This means it was also Tim's first day on set (even thought he is one of the two male leads). I am blown away by the generosity and hospitality of the store's owners, and when filming is done, I'm going to plug the hell out of that store.

Things went pretty well today, and my three leads each turned in great performances. I also got to do my cameo as a customer, so that's taken care of. I just hope I don't wind up looking like Abe Vigoda when I'm seen in HD. And what would a shooting day be without some issues? Today Mike the DP got progressively sicker as the day went on (he'd better be resting right now), I had no production assistants for the second half of the day, and this was the first day we didn't get to shoot everything on the schedule. We didn't get a chance to do one scene, which we'll hopefully be able to get to one of the other days in the store. Or else I'm screwed.

Tomorrow we shoot at the store again, this time with the hilarious Alex Adams. We wrapped earlier today than usual so I got to come home and relax a little, and I anticipate going to bed before 2am tonight.

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