Saturday, September 22, 2007

On the Set: Day 4

Today was my favorite day yet. We started with an outdoor shoot near my house and did one of the first fully comedic scenes of the production. It was also the first day of production to feature both April and Atoki, and they were brilliant. April can act like a casual person and completely make it look real (it sounds easy in theory but it's surprisingly hard). Atoki's timing was great and he led to some hilarious moments in the scene. And of course, Jonathan continued to make Berner someone that everyone will remember in the end. Laura was a kickass production assistant today. Props also to Angela for swinging by twice on her day off to help with make-up.

We were actually having a decent outdoor shoot until it started drizzling. Fearing a downpour, we rushed through the last shots and wrapped on that location. Only thing is, the damn rain never came. Nevertheless, we were actually a little ahead of schedule. The danger with that is that then you relax more and in the end, you somehow get way behind schedule.

Now I'd like to point out the hero of the day today, and hands down that was my mom. Originally we were going to have our lunch at the park, but again, we feared the rain. So she let seven strangers come to her home and eat there. She and Laura prepared us a great lunch. But she even did more than that. She let us film in her basement (on very short notice), and she even prepared it for our shoot. She cleaned it up, left boxes neatly organized (because we needed them), and even duct-taped the logos on the boxes so they wouldn't show. How great is that? So mom saved the day and allowed us to have a great shoot for the basement scene. I love you mommy.

And man, is the basement looking good. We shot with Jennifer Stone, and Sean King made an appearance as a zombie. His makeup looked great. I want to quickly plug Sean's own movie, which is called Lost Suburbia. Jen also looked sexy and kickass in her costume, and her performance was wonderful. The whole scene played out really well and I can't wait for you guys to see it.

So final thoughts...I'm feeling good. I'm a bit nervous about tomorrow because we start in the comic book store, but at least we're not shooting anything outdoors. Tomorrow is Tim's first day, which is really funny considering he is one of the male leads. I'm confident in him, Angela, and Jonathan, so I'm not worried about them at all. Oh yeah, one more thing...tomorrow we shoot my scene. Yikes!


Anonymous said...

Congrats dude! I'm glad to hear that the day went so well. Seeya Tuesday! -Vinny

Anonymouse said...

This shoot is no stranger to the perils that reminisces heavily of the man of la mancha variety. Trios of grueling eleven hour toiling days, frigid sub 60 degree nights, humidity and drizzle, and now logos on the boxes. I just want to say as a fan, thanks for hanging in their fellas. You'll do alright then.

Ralphy said...

Thanks anonymouse. I wish you'd start using your name so I knew who exactly we have rooting for us here!

Sean said...

Yeah, awesome work from the BAGGED AND BOARDED cast and crew, and thanks Ralph and everyone else for being so kind and asking me to be a part of it all!


Anonymous said...

the three blood pellets in the zombie's mouth was amazing.

i will never forget the "i'm going to kick your face in" look Atoki gives me when he says, "what's up man."