Friday, September 21, 2007

Wow, only 3 days in and having a free/coherent moment seems like an unknown dimension. Overall shooting has been fantastic thus far. The crew and cast are great people and fun to be around. It is however very tedious work. Tedious work which requires a great length of time. Per day, 11 hours on average. A good portion of the scenes we've got in the can already has taken place outdoors which basically translates to we froze our asses off for a good SEVERAL hours. Luckily a little something Vinny has referred to as "actors adrenaline" kicked in once action was called and we suddenly just stopped shivvering and forgot about being cold...Until however 'cut' was called.

Despite being physically drained and slightly under the weather I'm extremely pleased with the way takes have turned out. We've had some technical difficulties here and there but it wouldn't be a full scale production without these little hurdles which is what makes it all the more real.

Ralph has miraculously managed to keep his composure at the most frustrating and mentally exhausting of moments and has really gone above and beyond to make sure that we're all as comfortable as possible. I can't wait to get my butt into the comic book store already so that the real mayhem can ensue. They're gonna need a tranq-gun to stop us when Tim, Jonathan and I get started.


Anonymouse said...

Perhaps, it isn't quite fair to say one has frozen one's ass off when the temperature hasn't dropped below fifty Fahrenheit quite yet? Not to mention, 11 hours doesn't amount to a very long day. Why, that's just a regular 8 hour spot of work plus popping off to Schindler's List on the way home. Have you chatted with many professionals lately? How many of them do you think escape the mundanity of daily employment in under the 8 hours? Hrm?

Angela said...

Quite the contrary my dear what with being a seasoned veteran of the oh so mundane 9-5 and all. Apartments in New York aren't cheap. I mean I'm not going to lie and say it's boring and backbreaking or anything because we're having a total blast but it is work and hard work at that, the measure of which depending upon what's involved. What's hard for you may be easy for others and vice versa but who are we to judge right?

As far as temperature it was in the low 50s throughout the day and not to mention what it was at 6 am wearing pretty much what you see below until nightfall. So yeah, we were freezing our asses off. Plus I'm a always cold *shrug*.