Thursday, January 03, 2008

Preview Clip!

So, sorry no trailer yet. I tried to work on one last week but the concepts I was going for weren't looking exactly right. It's still too early in the game for a full blown trailer, methinks. But I don't want to be a big bag of empty promises, so here's another little glimpse at a scene in the movie!

You'll notice that this is the same scene featured in a cast rehearsal video I posted long ago. I thought it would be fun for a little comparing.

I did a minor update to the cast section of the site today. It now includes some cast headshots. I've been meaning to get to that forever...glad I finally did.

Still editing the movie, and a little side skit at once. What I'm doing is learning some new ways to work on my weak points in editing (mainly stuff like color correcting) by finding online tutorials and stuff like that. Then I'm kinda using the skit I'm making as a practice video before I go messing around with the real movie. I know you're all waiting forever, but it'll be worth it. This thing's gonna look good, damn it.


Where's the MIddle said...

Damn it Ralph - You've got me checking this damn site every day for your trailer. Please tell Cola that everyone in VAW 121 finds her very hot.

Touchdown Timmy said...

Sorry, that post is from me. I didn't realize someone else signed in on this machine.

Caleb said...

I can't wait to see the skit.

My part is going to be horrible but I bet the rest is gonna rock.

It's gonna be great!

This so inspires me to make more media projects!