Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Shooting Pickup Shots, New MiniDoc

Last Friday night, Mike the DP came back out to Long Island to help get the film back on track. We watched the entire current cut of the movie (while drinking some much needed Jack), and assessed the situation. Mike's the first person besides me to really have seen the entire thing at its current stage, and we both brainstormed a little on how we can improve things.

The next day was our day to shoot some pickup shots. These are just little shots I need to fix some edits or add to the film. I needed Jonathan for this so I picked him up at the train station that morning. But there was a problem (there's always a problem). To find out more, enjoy this all new Side Panels minidoc!

So as you can see, things turned out okay in the end. We headed to the comic book store and shot a little bit of footage. It was a piece of cake because there was really no audio or lighting involved. We kinda zipped in and out. I was able to get a few of my friends in the store to be extras. We also grabbed a couple of more extras from the gaming store that's next to the comic store (always a good source of last-minute extras).

I forsee a second and final day of pickup shooting in the future. I can think of another scene, outside of the comic store, that will really benefit from some extra footage (b-roll, as they call it in the biz). Plus I'm also strongly leaning toward adding a new silly scene, which I can't write here because it will give away too much.

It's good to have my motivation back. And man, I should really hand out a couple of congratulations here. Congrats to Garreth the AC for getting hitched! And congrats to Tim the lead male for having a beautiful baby girl! I hope both of you guys are doing great.

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