Saturday, July 05, 2008

Poll: Possible Title Ideas

Update: I'm pretty much knocking out "Purgatory, New York" from the options. It was a favorite of mine, but I recently learned of this new Charlie Kaufman film coming out this year. It's a weird coincidence, made even weirder by the fact that he's one of my favorite writers. So please don't vote for "Purgatory, New York." "Purgatory Comics," however, is still fine.

Hey folks, below are a few of the possible title ideas that have come up through brainstorming. Give a quick vote and see if you like any of these. Consider how the title fits into the plot and theme of the film, and also consider the marketing standpoint. I'm not basing my decision on this poll; just trying to see where other people stand. If you absolutely despise every title below, feel free to leave your own ideas (you need to register on blogspot to leave's fast and free so go for it if you haven't already).

Here's the plot again:

The film tells the story of a young woman named Cola who is frightened away from the life of responsibilities that come with becoming a mature adult. She runs from her old successes and hides in a comic book store (Purgatory Comics), where she helps the owner Evan keep the business alive. The two of them, along with a young customer named Berner, form a bond that is threatened to be broken when Cola's old life begins calling her back.

In case you forgot or didn't know, I can't use the title Bagged and Boarded anymore. If you have questions or need more details, drop a comment and I'll answer you.

Thanks for the feedback. The moment I register I final title, I'll do a new website and cut a trailer.


Kristie said...

I voted for Purgatory, New York, but I also liked "Thought Balloons."


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