Friday, July 11, 2008

Purgatory Comics

There's your title unless something better strikes me between now and this weekend. What's this weekend? The premiere of the first official trailer! Last night I cut a rough cut, and this weekend I'm going to fine tune in, put in the titles, and put it right here on this blog. It's a nice two and a half minutes that will show you some of the cleaner (i.e. not R-rated) scenes (that was a tough task), as well as introduce you to our characters and story.

I like the title of Purgatory Comics. It just took awhile to grow on me to the point where I liked it a lot. I'll admit, it's better written than said. But it really captures the theme of the film well. Plus it's the name of the fictional comic store it's about, so there ya go. And it doesn't hurt that I already own the domain name. But like I said, it's not officially official for another, say, 48 hours...

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