Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Film Status Updates.

I just watched another disc of the film dropped off by Digital Cuts. I'm amazed at the color correction job John did on one particular scene. I used to cringe when that scene came on, but now I can actually watch it. I'm hoping to meet with him soon and get the film back in my hands so I can do just a slight more tweaking on my own. Then it'll be done. Done! Such a weird concept. I feel like I was just watching my first rough cut. It's come so far since then ... so many little fixes here and there have really shaped this into a good little movie.

Unfortunately the movie being finished won't get it into your hands right away. The next challenge is finding a third party who will get an HD movie onto standard DVD without too much quality loss. I'm at a complete loss in that field. I'm a writer. How I even managed to get this much done, just being a writer, is beyond me. I think I'm pretty awesome for it. Shut up, I can flatter myself in my own blog.

I'm very anxious to get writing again. I've been inspired to write what I think is a fun dark comedy with a science fiction edge. It also probably rips from my personal life much more than Purgatory Comics, with the main two characters in this each being a representation of two conflicting aspects of my own personality. It's too much to get into here but I've already outlined most of it and when things calm down, I'll crank out the first draft.

I've also entered the NYC Midnight Movie Madness Competition again. It's the only writing contest I enter, and I've been doing it for about four years now. It's a great exercise for me: they give you a genre and subject, and you have a set amount of time to write a script. Usually I enter their summer contest but I missed it this year, so I'm doing their fall contest instead (but the scripts can only be 5 pages or less). That should be a fun challenge and I'll keep you guys posted.

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