Thursday, October 30, 2008

At the Editing Suite

First a quick update on the writing contest I mentioned in the last post. The assignment I got last weekend was for a political satire that took place in a tattoo parlor, and it had to include a hard hat. Yikes. I did the best I could so we'll see in November how many points I get. The way this is set up is so no matter what, I get to do a second script next month. I hope I get a genre more suited to my style next time.

Today I stopped by John Kilgour's editing suite, as you can see in the pic above. We went through the film together and made additional sound changes and corrections. I could nitpick this film forever, but I promise you guys I'm almost done. Anyway it was very productive and we made some strides, and it was really cool to watch the film in it's original, uncompressed glory again. It was so gorgeous.

Last night we had a mini-photoshoot out at Hidden Pixels Photo, courtesy of Vanessa Zimmer and Benn Fielding. We shot mostly Angela, and some of me for promotional materials (I'm so unphotogenic...). The concepts were a lot of fun...I'll post some images soon. I also taped a little video footage so maybe I'll put that up as well. We're going to whip up some Cola poster art and DVD sleeve art, and possibly yet another relaunch of the web site. Stay tuned.

Happy Halloween!

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