Saturday, November 08, 2008

Angela is Somewhat Photogenic

As I mentioned in the last post, the other week we had a mini-photoshoot out at Hidden Pixels Photo, courtesy of Vanessa Zimmer and Benn Fielding. We chose which pictures we like the most and Benn's been touching them up for poster art. Below is the first Side Panels mini-doc since maybe eight months ago. It's super short, but you'll get a look at the photoshoot last week.

I got my hard drive back from John so the whole film is once again in my possession. Tomorrow I'm meeting with DP Mike LaVoie, who's going to watch it and maybe do some more contrast/brightness type corrections. He hasn't seen it since my very first rough cut back in February, so hopefully he'll think there have been huge improvements.

It's nice to have momentum again. This is a very gray area for me though and it needs to be handled delicately. I'll drop a nice "what next" blog in the coming days but right now I'm just going to relax and watch a movie.

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soch said...

Ralphy they sure are love and kisses the ole bastard himself PETER WHALES