Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another Crash

My cousins and I used to draw comic books when we were little. It was the most fun in the world. Back then, all we needed was paper and a pencil; we weren't at the mercy of anything else. Sometimes I yearn for the days when my creativity could function without such utter dependence on technology - especially expensive technology.

That said, last weekend another one of my drives crashed. I got it back from the editor and connected it to my computer that night. I copied everything to my backup and then went to bed. The next morning I booted up the primary, and it literally sounded like there was a lawnmower inside (plus the computer won't recognize it). Now my backup is my primary, and I have no backup (worse case scenario, my editor has a backup on his system). I learned much from the last crash so this didn't halt production at all. Mike LaVoie still came last weekend and we worked as planned.

I am now going on record and stating that I am no longer buying LaCie hard drives. I've had four, and two have crashed. Sure, the first tipped over (I still maintain it should've been able to handle that). However this other faulty drive, which I bought in August mind you, has not seen any impact. It should work. Tomorrow will be my customer service adventure, but even if it's wiped and fixed, I can't see myself trusting this brand ever again. A quick google search will find you similar stories by fedup customers...some forced to pay thousands to recover data because they had no backups.

Warm Milk Productions Inc. is done with LaCie. I suggest you future filmmakers and other big-file users do the same, or proceed at your own risk. This is truly unacceptable.

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