Thursday, November 13, 2008

Now in Anamorphic Widescreen!

Last Sunday Mike LaVoie was over and he started working on the film's color/contrast levels. Thankfully it didn't need a whole lot of work since it was shot and lit really well for the most part, even with the tight time restraints we were under. Mike was enthusiastic about a last minute idea to adjust the film's widescreen aspect ratio to 2.35:1, which is considered to be anamorphic widescreen (aka scope). The advantages of this are many, including the fact that this is the preferred ratio of hi-def features (check out your bluray discs). This is also a good ratio for blowing up the film for projections, and it will further help Purgatory Comics stand out from other indie flicks. Mike returns this Sunday to finish the job.

Here are some screen shots for the film in scope. This is the exact ratio the movie will be presented in. I will say though that the colors of these stills don't do it justice...thanks to Mike and John, this is a beautifully vibrant movie, which is all the more reason I want as many people as possible to see it in hi-def. Click the images to enlarge:

This thing is 99% done! I make jokes that I could nitpick it forever, but I'm actually pretty satisfied with what I'm seeing. After this weekend we'll start planning for a release. Exciting times! I think I'll also either whip out a new trailer or recut the old one...not sure yet...


soch said...

Very interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PW

soch said...

We need a good so called chick flick love story get it on in anormorph! RS