Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Need Some Sleep

Even after my harsh blog about it, I have to hand it to LaCie . . . they have some swell customer service. The guy on the phone was nice and they honored my warranty without hassle (I had read some horror stories online, so I was worried about that). I sent the drive Saturday and got it back, repaired, today. Of course the data was gone. Now the returned drive has become my backup, so once again we're operating with a safety net.

Mike was over Sunday again to finish his color/contrast corrections. However we hit a slight snag. Last blog I wrote about how the film switched to anamorphic widescreen. It turns out the filter we used for that might cause some issues later on while we're converting to DVD (it's a long technical story that I can barely follow), so I had to manually create the new borders and reframe every single shot one-by-one. It's easy, but very tedious. However I'm over 2/3 done already and I'm actually catching some errors by examing each clip this way (i.e. a few we forgot to apply color corrections too, etc). At this point I'm estimating I'll be done by the weekend. With the whole movie. Yay! I'll let you know...

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