Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Music from John-Flor Sisante in Purgatory Comics

I haven't officially announced this until now, but Purgatory Comics features two tracks from singer/songwriter John-Flor Sisante. John-Flor has been my friend for about ten years now and he is one of the most talented people I know. He writes lyrics so profound that I often quote them elsewhere, he plays many instruments, and he has the voice I wish I had whenever I sing in my car. Check out his page here, or download his music on itunes. Highly highly recommended. And if you're in the New York area, see him live the first chance you get.

I've used John-Flor's music in past projects, so it's only fitting his songs appear in Purgatory Comics (he closes out the movie). In 2005, John-Flor was good enough to appear in my ultra low-budget (but award-winning...suckas) short film "If." It's one of my personal favorite scenes that I've ever done (perhaps for sentimental reasons). If you have a half-hour to kill and you can deal with crap-resolution and poor framing, check out the flick below:

What a difference a couple of years makes, huh? I should also mention, while we're on the subject of "If," that this film also features the mega-talents of Laura Stone and Chris Wyant, both of whom have cameos in Purgatory Comics. And I'll mention that Kristin Fisher is in here, and now she lives in Arizona and I'm mad at her for that because she was one of my favorite actors to use. Boooo Kristin. Boooo.

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