Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Um, I felt the blog needed a pic. So there's me. So now 2008 is archived and this is the first entry of 2009. I thought I'd share what I plan to get done this year:
  1. I'm going to finish these final film touch-ups and get a screening somewhere, somehow. I only get one shot at a "premiere" so I'd like very much to have it somewhere somewhat reputable. So, forgive me for taking my time but it will be in the near future and mark my words you'll read about it in this blog.
  2. Get a DVD to the people, and one that's good enough quality to satisfy me and my DP.
  3. The monologue project I mentioned last blog. That one's quick and easy.
  4. I've been writing a web series based on recent events in my life and I'd like to film it early this year (I've been thinking 5 or 6 10-min episodes). I just need a cast. It's sort of a cross between Flight of the Conchords and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia in style. I hope.
  5. Rock my job. Maybe it's because I've fallen in love with Mad Men, but I really want to kick some advertising ass this year.
  6. Travel to either Iceland or specific spots in Europe. I haven't decided which yet, but I think I'm ripe for a spiritual journey.
  7. Start working out again. Again.
  8. Pay of the film debt (almost there), take a chunk out of my car loan.
  9. Get wisdom teeth removed (the one resolution I've broken the last 2 years).
I tried to force one more to make a nice round 10 but I got nothing else. And thanks for all the positive feedback I got for Cookies for Santa! Glad so many people seemed to dig it.

Edit: Ooh! Resolution #10, new web site for warmmilkproductions.com. There ya go!

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