Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas from Warm Milk Productions!!!

Here's a little video Christmas card I whipped up over the weekend to wish everyone a good holiday season. It's in the style of the old skits we used to do . . . cheap, minidv, and no crew. I hope you like it.

Some other news bits:
  • I'm brainstorming a project where myself and some other writers I know will write a series of monologues, and then I'll have actors I know perform them. Not for distribution or anything, but just for all-around practice, minor 'net exposure, and fun. I don't plan to spend a dime on this project, which right now I'm just calling "Monologues."
  • I got the results of the second round of the NYC Midnight Screenwriting competition. I didn't do nearly as well as round one, where I did awesome. But since I still have a lot of points, I progressed to the third round which I wrote tonight. I had to write a fantasy that took place in an opera house and involved a bathtub.
  • Right after the holidays I'm really going to dive into making a decent Purgatory Comics DVD. The DVD case work is almost done and it looks great. At the same time I'm trying to secure a screening.
Also, yesterday was this blog's two year anniversary! I just realized that this moment. That's really cool. Happy holidays, everybody.

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