Sunday, December 14, 2008

Peter Whales Comic Book Documentary

Awhile back a really good documentary on comic books aired on cable. I happened to tape it and I put a snippet of it on youtube because it highlights comic book legend Peter Whales.

Okay well obviously that's not real. We made that pretty much exactly a year ago and I finally got around to editing it and putting it online. It's part of an intended viral marketing campaign to "expand" the universe of Purgatory Comics. Plus the backstory highlighted in this documentary ties very well into the plot of Purgatory Comics. I almost decided not to put it online, but there it is, so I hope you enjoy it.

It features a younger-looking me, next to my real-life brother Paul, Bob Socci reprising his role as Peter Whales, my cousin Steve as the fan club President, my friend Caleb as the historian, and my friend James narrating. Originally I wanted to do a LOT of expanded universe stuff but it's looking to be less and less likely as the movie itself seems to demand all of my attention. But I'm not ruling anything out yet!


soch said...

LOVE IT I'M FOUND!!!!!!!!!!! pw

Caleb said...

Ugh. I was worse than I remembered.

I should have went a different direction with that. Everyone else did a lot better.

I think the nosebleed bit was a great topper.